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    Posted by admin July 15, 2015

    By: Lane at Vegan Bits


    Vegan Mac and Cheese

    Once upon a non-vegan life, Mac and Cheese was one of our comfort foods. Jane would doctor it with ground turkey, broccoli, and cumin, to make it somewhat more nutritious and more appealing to the adult palette.

    Since we’ve been vegan, Jane has tried a number of Mac and Cheese recipes, going all the way back to the disasterous and unappealing Veganomicon recipe. We’ve long since written it off our list of things we eat even though many of you have offered recipe suggestions that sound quite appealing.

    So imagine my delight when Pastariso asked us to review the Mac Uncheddar. Truthfully, we didn’t have high hopes, especially since it’s gluten free as well as vegan. But we gamely opted to try it.

    The package is only 5 ounces, so it’s smaller than I remember the Mac and Cheese boxes of my non-vegan life. Jane made two boxes, which was supposed to be 5 servings, but really only made 3 as far as we were concerned. If you’re eating it as a side, 5 servings is probably correct.

    It prepares like the Mac and Cheese of our childhood: you boil the pasta, then put butter (Earth Balance) and milk (we used Silk Cashew) and the foil packet of yellow powder. It makes for the same scary-yellow glop. When it was done, Jane dished out a small amount, undoctored. And it tasted like non-vegan, boxed, Mac and Cheese… unappealing to us, but the kids will love it.

    Then Jane did her usual thing, except the ground turkey was replaced by Yves Meatless Ground Round, threw in the cumin, and voila… comfort food.

    While this is not likely to be a product we buy often, we will definitely buy this and eat it again.
    If you’re interested in trying Pastariso vegan mac & cheese for yourself, there’s no need to go to your local grocer to see if they carry it, you can get it from Amazon.
    If there is a Sprouts supermarket near you, they carry Pastariso vegan mac & cheese. If there is a Sprouts near you, consider yourself lucky, because Sprouts is awesome.