• Mac Uncheddar Epicureanvegan.com Review

    Posted by admin April 20, 2015


    I recently got the chance to try out a new boxed vegan mac and “cheese.” This one is from Pastariso Foods and not only is it vegan, but it’s gluten-free and soy-free as well. Unlike the “real” mac and cheese varieties, this one isn’t full of freaky ingredients: White and brown rice flour, pea protein powder, organic maltodextrin, sunflower oil powder IP, sea salt, organic corn starch, fructooligosaccharides, citric acid, paprika extract.

    Sometimes trying a new vegan product is like blindly eating food while backpacking through another country; it can be a little scary. You just never know. But vegan products are getting better and better-tasting these days, and I have to say, this stuff is pretty dang good. The Husband, who dislikes almost every vegan cheese there is, really, really liked this. We agreed that the sauce is fantastic—it doesn’t take rubbery, plastic-y, or “fake.”

    Because the noodles are gluten-free, I did find them a little grainy-feeling at first. They’re rice noodles, which have that kind of texture, and because I rarely eat gluten-free pasta, it struck me as odd at first. However, the sauce made up for it. Plus, the noodles are a good size—they cook up like a regular boxed mac and cheese noodle.

    You can find Pastariso Vegan Mac Uncheddar at Vegan Essentials ($3.79) and will be available at Sprouts later this month. I would definitely buy this product and I recommend you give it a try!.