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    Review of Pastariso’s Vegan Mac Uncheddar
    by Kimberli Guzman Leave a Comment
    Review of Pastariso’s Vegan Mac Uncheddar

    Moody Mama has been getting several requests to review vegan products. We just so happen to have a close friend by the name of Marchesa that has been a vegan for over a decade and will be a contributing writer on all things vegan. The following post was written by the lovely Marchesa.

    Pastariso, from Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods inc, has developed a new product which I got the pleasure of trying out when they sent us a few boxes: Vegan Mac Uncheddar. Vegan Mac Uncheddar is a modern day Vegan twist on the old comfort food favorite, Macaroni and Cheese. Right off the bat, this product appealed to me greatly because it catered to the increasingly popularized diets of those who are gluten, lactose, or soy intolerant and/or who follow a Vegan diet. As a rather OG Vegan myself, I am always on the prowl for new Vegan products, especially those that are quick, easy, and healthy! Vegan Mac Uncheddar encompasses all of these things…. And, most importantly, is tasty!

    Pastariso’s Vegan Mac Uncheddar calls for vegan spread (ie Earth Balance) and either almond or rice milk. The cooking instructions for the product are fairy straight forward and almost identical to standard boxed Mac and Cheese: Boil water, Cook and drain pasta, Then , return the pasta to the pan, add the vegan spread, almond milk, and provided sauce packet… and voila! It’s done.

    For those who are like myself and prefer the chewier consistency and taste of brown rice pasta or quinoa pasta, you will enjoy this product because the noodles are rice flour based.
    It’s low fat, low calorie, and high protein at only 2 grams of fat and 258 calories and 10 grams of protein per serving.
    It has simple ingredients and is quick and easy to make.

    Although they suggest using Almond/Rice milk and vegan spread, I substituted water for milk and a small amount of canola oil instead of the vegan spread. This is a habit I usually follow to reduce caloric, sodium, and fat intake and it usually maintains the same great taste.
    Black pepper and Broccoli are great additions to this pasta as well!

    It tastes very similar to Amy’s Vegan Rice Macaroni with Non-Dairy Cheeze, yet is better in comparison because it is much lighter and less fat/calories. The taste of the cheese sauce itself is a bit reminiscent of nutritional yeast and has a salty bite to it, which is nicely complements the rice noodles.

    Overall, I’d say this is a great new Vegan product! It might taste a little unusual than expected for those who have never tried any vegan cheese products but it is definitely worth a try. (Edit) It is currently on VeganEssentials.com, Amazon, TheVeganStore.com and in independent health food stores. It is also out in Sprouts nationwide..