• Maplegrove Gluten-Free Foods puts flavor back into gluten-free

    Posted by admin March 12, 2015

    From: www.examiner.com

    Written By: Kelly Speed

    We have all lately become keenly aware of gluten intolerances, something that Celiac sufferers have been aware of for decades. Until recently, gluten-free foods often tasted well, gluten and flavor free. The folks at Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods have set out to prove that gluten free products can taste great.

    Take, for example, their instant rice mac and cheese meal cup. Perfect for those on the go, each two-ounce serving contains white rice combined with a deliciously creamy white cheese sauce mix. Simply add water or a milk substitute, microwave and enjoy. It doesn’t get faster or tastier than this.

    The larger portion organic quick cooking mac and cheeze box combines rice pasta with creamy cheese sauce. Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods also has a line of potato mac and cheeses made with 100 percent whole grain potato and rice flour.

    For more information, visit http://www.pastarisofoods.com.