Welcome to Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods, Inc.

Maplegrove is North America's premier manufacturer of gluten free pasta. We produce organic and conventional non GMO rice pasta, fortified potato pasta, low protein pasta, and an assortment of meal kits, soup bases and bouillon cubes. We are certified gluten free and understand the challenges facing consumers who must avoid gluten. Our company is more than business to us – it is a way of life.

A number of us have allergies and food intolerances and this gives us added impetus to make the best quality of gluten free food available.

It is because of this dedication to quality that we have been appointed to produce for a growing number of large companies in North America and around the world.

Looking for high quality gluten free gourmet foods? Then you've come to the right place!

Maplegrove Food News

Sourcing and transportation of raw materials, production, packing, transport and storage of finished products are areas of key importance in maintaining quality. Extreme vigilance is maintained to ensure a total and strict gluten free production environment. The company does not produce any gluten containing products and employs standards as set by the United States Food & Drug Administration, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and even stricter standards as set by customers such as the large, multinational baby food manufacturers. HACCP certification is expected in the near future.


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New Recipes

Pastariso™ and Pastato™ pastas are a delicious addition to any meal - for light luncheon salads, tasty side-dishes, or as an entree. We have ideas that will help to create easy to prepare yet delicious and healthy meals.

Featured Recipe:

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