Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods, Inc.

What We Stand For

Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods is North America’s largest producer of gluten free NON GMO pastas. We are also a family owned and operated company that personally understands the health issues related to gluten intolerance as many of our team members have food allergies to wheat and gluten. For consumers following a gluten-free diet, it’s not only essential to select products that please their palate but to support brands that merit their trust. As a longstanding industry leader, Maplegrove employs the safest possible manufacturing standards as set by the USDA and Canadian Food Inspection Agency. These standards are even stricter standards as set by large multinational baby food manufacturers. Equal vigilance ensures the absence of any dairy, nuts, or soy ingredients. Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods is also a certified organic and Kosher producer and undergoes several inspections and audits annually to guarantee all standards are met and exceeded. In addition, NO genetically modified ingredients are used in any of the company’s products.

Our Mission

Maplegrove is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality gluten free NON GMO products on the market and especially the celiac community by providing a much needed variety of safe and trusted gluten free food products at reasonable prices.

Global Distribution

Maplegrove Foods continues to be a global leader in gluten free pastas with worldwide distribution on six continents. The company produces branded packaged pasta products, bulk packs, private label and industrial ingredients for large multinational companies.

Pastaríso™ – for Taste Conscious Consumers of All Ages

Pastaríso™ is one Maplegrove’s flagship brands. All Pastaríso products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and for authentic taste and texture. The brand’s diverse array of organic and conventional rice pasta products includes a new Mac Uncheddar along with family favorites: Vegetable Rotini, Brown Rice Spaghetti, Brown Rice Penne, Brown Rice Lasagna, Fettuccine and White Rice Ziti All Natural Pasta.

What Makes Us Unique:

Controlled Gluten Free Environment: Maplegrove maintains the strictest quality control throughout the entire production cycle — from the sourcing and transportation of raw materials to production, packaging and storage of the final product. Setting the Highest Standards of Quality:Maplegrove employ standards as set by the United States Food & Drug Administration, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and multinational baby food manufacturers. They are a certified organic and Kosher facility with HACCP certification is expected in the near future. Eco-Practices: Eco-Farming: Maplegrove only purchases rice from small family farms that do not degrade the environment or harm wildlife and are guaranteed gluten free growers. Eco-Manufacturing:Maplegrove diverts over 90% of its waste from landfills by providing all food waste to local farmers and all paper to a local recycler. Maplegrove has also reduced energy consumption by using efficient equipment and clean burning gas boilers. Future plans include further use of solar energy.

Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods – Confidence In Every Bite


For Business Inquiries

For business inquiries, please contact our sales team for the password to our private label information page.