• Introducing Pastariso’s Mac Uncheddar!

    Posted by admin February 20, 2015

    It’s here! Introducing Pastaríso’s New Mac Uncheddar!

    It’s Vegan, Dairy Free, Certified Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Lactose Free, Soy Free, Egg Free, Nut Free, Non GMO, Zero Trans fat, Zero Saturated Fat, Zero Cholesterol.

    Introducing the perfect comfort food just about every vegan in the country has long waited for – a dairy and gluten free mac product so creamily delicious that family members of all ages will be saying: “Pass The Pastaríso, Please!”

    Mac Uncheddar from Pastaríso (www.pastarisofoods.com) – a division of gluten free pasta leader Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods (www.maplegrovefoods.com) – will knock your socks off. Experience the flavor!

    Determined to finally crack the code when it came to creating a mac and cheese option sumptuous enough to satisfy vegans, those following a gluten free diet and other consumers ready to reduce their fat intake, Pastaríso spent the last two years exploring a wide variety of recipes and formulations before introducing Mac Uncheddar this month.

    As a Mac and cheese aficionado Kelly Layne of Northern California recently commented after trying Pastaríso’s new Mac Uncheddar, “Like most people, I’ve loved cheese all my life, but several years ago I developed a dairy food intolerance that completely altered my diet. Since then, I’ve felt deprived – so I’m beyond thrilled to discover that Mac Uncheddar actually delivers the cheesy flavors I thought I might never enjoy again.”

    Added Sylvia Tam, VP of Marketing for Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods, “We went to great lengths to make certain our vegan, dairy free and gluten free new Mac Uncheddar would have the authentic tastes and textures that have kept macaroni and cheese such a perennial family favorite for decades. We’re heartened by the highly enthusiastic response our new product has already generated and look forward to providing a delicious alternative.”

    Take Comfort In Every Bite™
    For consumers following a gluten free diet, it’s not only essential to select products that please their palate but to support brands that merit their trust. As a longstanding industry leader, Maplegrove employs the safest possible manufacturing standards as set by the USDA and Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and even stricter standards as set by large multinational manufacturers. .