• A (soy) Bean – Mac Uncheddar For The Masses

    Posted by admin May 15, 2015


    By Abby Bean for A (soy) Bean, Thoughts From A Vegan Bean

    I’ve been on a bit of a mac and cheese binge lately, so when Pastariso (a division of Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods) offered to send me a sample of their new, gluten-free, Vegan Mac Uncheddar, I did not hesitate to say, “Yes, please!”

    Non-GMO and certified gluten-free, Pastariso describes their lactose free/ dairy free/ gluten free/ soy free product as “authentically cheesy, without the cheese!”

    As an ethical vegan, I don’t make it a habit of reading nutritional labels. But even after all of these years I still can’t stop myself from reading ingredients listings on products I already know to be vegan. In the Mac Uncheddar is something called “fructooligosaccharides,” which I couldn’t help but to Google. I can’t possibly paraphrase, so I’ll at least save you the trouble by linking you to this and this. Kinda cool!

    The noodle was identifiably gluten-free in that it’s texture mimicked al dente semolina. The cheese flavor was mild and I was pleasantly surprised by the significant creaminess of the finished product. It was as rich as any mac, so paired well with my side of vegetables and hot sauce.

    Even this gluttonous (not to be confused with glutenous, but that too) nerd was a fan of the whole shebang..